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  We urge the Honolulu City Council and HART to conduct a study of other solutions for rail.  
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The Honolulu Rail Transit Project was estimated to cost $2.7 billion in 2006, which increased to $4 billion for the public vote in 2008, then up to $5.2 billion when the Full Funding Grant Agreement was signed in 2012, and is now estimated to cost approximately $12.4 billion.
Over Budget
  There has been a massive increase of nearly 500% over the original cost estimate.  
Rail Plan is Over 14 years Old
Dramatic changes in transportation technology since the rail was first proposed decades ago, such as autonomous electric cars and buses, raise doubts about ridership projections and cost/benefit of rail.
Study Other Solutions
Now estimated to cost approximately $12.4 billion. In the ten years to completion, costs will inevitably increase.

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